ANAREA Battle Royale
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Streamers Empty Streamers

on Tue 14 Jul - 12:00
You guys have to get popular streaming to play the game

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on Tue 14 Jul - 12:45
Great essay xFizZ thank you very much xd

I think they should not immediately try to do this, because if in the real early start of the game, the game has a lot of / certain errors that can make the game really unappealing to streamers, this game will just get sh*t on by streamers. And even if the devs would fix these errors, the game is already known by streamers as a bad game. However, I don't think the devs have a lot of influence on this, because streamviewers will donate their favorite streamer and ask them to play ANAREA because it just got released, the streamer will try it and so on. It's not something the devs have a lot of impact on. I do hope they implemented (or are implementing) a "streamer censor mode" where all player names get censored, so streamers will not continuously get streamsniped or get streamsniped less often.
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