ANAREA Battle Royale
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List of things that NEED to be FIXED Empty List of things that NEED to be FIXED

Fri 14 Aug - 16:18
1: There needs to be Bullet Tracings and Bullet impact. Right now I have no idea where I am getting shot from, I have no Idea if I am getting shot at and have no Idea where my bullets are hitting.

2: There needs to be Audio for bullets that are getting shot at you, like I said above I had no idea if I am getting shot at.

3: Your footstep audio cutting in and out when running from grass to concrete or vise versa needs to be fixed.

4: After you kill someone you can still hear their footsteps for a good 10-15 seconds.

5: Bullet Registration needs to be fixed for mid to far range fights.

6: Some loot spawns in the ground but its not that frequent.

7: Skill crate audio needs to be reduced a little bit and after you pick up the skill from a specific crate the audio needs to stop coming from that crate.

8: You should be able to jump through windows that are as big as your body. Most windows are big and you can't jump through them.

9:  The crashes need to be fixed. Friends of mine are crashing after almost every game.

10: Render smoothing needs to be better. The micro-stutters need to be tuned.

11: Need decreased foliage there is to much grass and plants. The ambient noise needs to be turned down a lot, add an Ambient occlusion setting.

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